When you’re not sure where to start… Just start!

This is the first official entry to my new blog – Welcome!

I have had this idea in the back of my head for a while now, to start a blog. However, every time I went to start one I realized that I had to purchase a domain name, then I had to purchase a website, then I had to choose a theme, figure out how to configure the website and plug-ins (which before now I thought were hair extensions!) and this all seemed very serious to me. To spend money on something I was not so sure about was just down right stupid! After all, I had no idea what I was doing and as soon as I would start the process I’d think ‘Who the hell would want to listen to lil’ol me anyway!’

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned life changing event to make you pull your finger out and do something you have been putting off for years.

I sometimes think that no matter what you do in life, if you are meant for a particular path and you have been traveling up the wrong road, then life finds a way to derail you time and time again until you learn the lessons you were supposed to and finally end up on the right trail you were destined for! That being said, I might still be traveling up the wrong road with this blog and website and will only know as I go along whether I will need to be derailed and re-routed but for now I am happy to give it a go!

It’s kind of funny really, how we build ourselves up! We start off with a great idea, we get excited and start imagining what it might look like to us and then start to think how we can make it happen. Then, as soon as we hit the first hurdle we start to deconstruct it with all the reasons why it was a silly notion in the first place anyway and why we should just forget it and move on!

My Dad always had a great story about exactly this, called ‘ The Lawnmower Man’.

It’s a sunny day and the man looks at his grass and thinks,

‘it would be a fine day to cut the grass’.

He realizes that he lent his lawnmower to his next door neighbor a few weeks ago and feels bad asking for it back. He starts to think

‘If I don’t ask for the lawnmower the weather could turn bad, and then I won’t get to cut the grass, but if I ask the neighbour for it back then it will look bad to take the lawnmower off him’.

He stops to rationalize that the lawnmower belongs to him, and really his neighbour should have given the lawnmower back at this stage, and it’s kind of bad form that he hasn’t. He thinks

‘I’m going to go in next door and ask him for the lawnmower and if he says anything I’ll just tell he should really have dropped it back’.

So, he leaves his house goes toward next door and stops and thinks

‘Sure, that’s awful… to loan his neighbour the lawnmower and then ask for it back. Maybe he has been unwell and hasn’t had the chance to use it. That would look terrible asking for it back and he might just get annoyed at me’.

So he turns slowly and heads toward his house to go home. Then he thinks

‘Well, the last time I loaned him a screw driver and I had to ask for it back and he should have given it back without my asking for it’.

So, now quite frustrated and getting quite angry, he turns again…. this time intent on asking for the lawnmower. He stops and thinks half way to his neighbours house 

‘What if he gets annoyed with me for asking’,

and nearly turns on his heel yet again to go back home. Disappointed and frustrated at not knowing what to do, and angry that he is in this situation he stops….thinks………….

‘What the hell….No, I’m asking for it back… that’s it… it’s my lawnmower and I really do need it to cut the grass!’

…. So… he goes over to the neighbours house, knocks on the door and waits for it to open. His Neighbour answers the door with a big smile on his face to say hello and the man says

‘ You can shove the fucking lawnmower up your arse!’

He turns on his heel and heads home!!

Moral of the story… sometimes we build things in our head to be a lot bigger than what they really are!

I know that I do this all the time, I have a vision of how I would like to see something happen. I picture what it will be like to have the end result and get excited at the idea of it. Then I am so focused on the finish line that I trip on the first hurdle on the way there and suddenly the finish line becomes further away, less perfect and over complicated. I feel as though I should throw in the towel and just forget it all. I build it up bigger in my head and set myself up for failure.

So…. on this occasion I am intent on not creating a monster in my head…. I see my  new blog website as a space to share the information that I have learned. A space to share my art and travel, my learnings on health and spirituality, and life and love, of food and hobbies in general. I am not going to take myself so seriously and am going to have fun with this website… and see what happens!

Therefore if, like me, you constantly research the internet for answers to your questions. If you are reading articles and blogs about life, love, happiness, travel, food, art, music or maybe you are wondering…. why does my left eye keep twitching…. then Little Boho Hobo is bound to have done the research for you and come up with some interesting thoughts to share!

I hope that you will drop by from time to time and let’s have some fun!

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