So…. you wanna know a little more about me? I’m a thirty something Irish Country Gal, who comes from a small country village in the South of Ireland.

I was extremely lucky to have an amazing up bringing with two fantastic parents, both of whom have been great influences in my life and who have been my best friends as adults.

Sadly I lost my Dad to cancer, in the end very suddenly, on Christmas Eve 2015. I was Daddys Little Girl and we did everything together, so it has been a learning curve losing him.
However, I am blessed to still have my Mum, who never seizes to amaze me in her words of wisdom, her strength and determination and our ability to put the world to right after a few ‘Glenda’s (Brandy & Port)! She is my rock and I would be truly lost without her!I have two older brothers, and you couldn’t find three more different siblings if you tried.

I was always a quiet enough kid, and loved nothing more than playing outside in the garden or in the field, down by the local river fishing for tadpoles and you couldn’t get my inside after dark… I was happy busy playing dizzy dizzy dinosaurs on the dewy evening grass…smelling the air and earth around me and talking to the big tree in our front lawn… which looked like it had a head and arms! I was a creative little thing!

From an early age I loved art, and when I wasn’t playing outside I was probably colouring in, painting, drawing, doodling… I had more sketchpads than an art and hobby shop, and all going at the one time! I even had my own business when I was in school, selling my artwork… so somewhere out there are a number of awful pictures, bought out of pitty I’m sure, in peoples attics!

I was born with Eczema, and struggled with this as a child as it was all over my body. It was cracked and sore and quite often I would have to go to school covered in bandages. As a result I was the black sheep of my, already small, class of mostly girls, and as we all know kids can be cruel and unkind…which usually led me to be at the end of the jokes, being excluded on a daily basis, and with few if no friends at all depending on what day of the week it was!

Although hard at the time and I feel it bites me in the ass sometimes in the way of self doubt,  trust and some insecurity, I believe overall that I’m now a stronger person because of this.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and everything happens for a reason. So, as the years went on I joined the big bad world in the big smoke, made my own way and found some truly fab friends!

I always liked to try different things, and I love to learn new skills, so after the first year of art college I left to join the working world.

I worked selling concert tickets, then worked as cabin crew on the Ferries, I have worked as a care assistant to people with disabilities for many years, then went on to work in interiors and furniture design which has always included sales, marketing and advertising which I believe will ensure that I am never stuck for a job!

In the more recent past I have found myself looking and researching more and more about holistic and alternative therapies.

My Dad was an excellent and very successful Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist ( which I studied also for a while!).

My Mum is an Entrepreneur and is always involved in buying or selling something (I wonder where i get that from!?), but was also the founder of an Alternative and Holistic Association which means I have had quite alot of exposure to these areas for some years.

As the years go by I feel more and more inclined toward working in the alternative lifestyle area.

I am not sure what this is just yet, and feel that there is more care work involved somehow!
I feel as though art has made a come back to my life unexpectedly, and some personal life circumstances (the end of a 5year relationship and my engagement to get married 8 months from now) has spurred me on to take a career break, leave home to travel, date myself for a while and get to know me and what I want to do… and with this, I hope to end my struggle to find me and begin my search of new and brightly coloured horizons…. so…. where better to start than a blog!
The past 12 months have been an incredible eye opener to the fact that life is not only short, it is not predictable, and you have no control over anything except what you do now.
My motto now is never plan too far ahead as it may never come and all you will have done is spend a long time planning.

Instead, I have learned that it’s good to dream, but forget getting swept away by permanence and just enjoy the ride!

I felt that starting a blog would allow me to share parts of me and my thoughts, views, learnings with other like minded people…… and hopefully if you are so inclined to support my Little Boho Hobo, maybe you can share your thoughts with me too, let me know what you have learned and we can swap all the little nuggets of information we have picked up as we travel through life together!